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The difference between “Big Brother & Big Brotherhood”

Regarding the TheoSphere

Does it not sound like Big Brother? Perhaps, but is it?  The answer is NO. A more accurate description would be ‘BIG BROTHERHOOD’ and there is one major difference between the two: numbers.  The first deals with an invasive, controlling government that monitors all we do, limiting and destroying individual freedom and privacy.  On the other hand, the concept of ‘BIG BROTHERHOOD’ applies to a contributing global community of believers across a wide spectrum of religious thought. It’s both inclusive and exclusive at the same time, based on preference.

Big data technology can structure thoughts into purposeful and meaningful information and deliver honest and accurate perspectives. But more importantly, it delivers unvarnished truth. The goal is for the advancement of moral good and the betterment of the individual, family and the world as a whole. This wisdom now has a tangible platform that can be created for every willful participant.

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