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Who is Wiser?


As a leader and decision maker, is it not better to consider collective wisdom from both clinical and empirical resources than to repeat old patterns or draw from subjective biases? How does a group know it’s building the Kingdom of God and not the Tower of Babel? Big […]

Cognitive Computing and the Church…What is Truth?

Cognitive computing will forever change the church by responding instantly to the question: What is truth? In a world fragmented by religious dogma and politics, a fresh look at the ‘truth’ will perhaps set us free, yes? If you have not taken the time to read “Big Data @ Church – Calculating the Will […]

Lasers, Big Data, and the Church

“It isn’t going to work…just STOP !”

Imagine that in the 1950’s scientist were testing and experimenting with lasers {light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation}. Early experiments show the power of focused light and its ability to cut [weld] through steel. At that time, nobody connected the dots scientifically that we would someday […]

Why nearly 1.3 million walk away every year

Todays discussion…Why nearly 1.3 million walk away every year

.How to stop the BLEEDING.

The Power Point Presentation the show is based on (great graphics!):

PPt How TheoSphere Works (4.0 MiB, 758 downloads)

Myth #1 Sheep are Dumb – ARE SHEEP STUPID?

Myth #1 Sheep are Dumb – ARE SHEEP STUPID?

‘Although I do not want to over-personify sheep, I found an interesting study about their characteristics. In an article by Susan Schoenian, regarding sheep behavior, she writes:

“Over the years, sheep have acquired a reputation for being stupid. This is because of their strong flocking and […]

At what ‘Point’ was Lazarus given breath to rise from the dead?

Scripture reference John 11: 1-44


At what ‘moment’ was Lazarus given the spirit of life in order to rise from death?

Was it when Jesus said in a load voice, “Lazarus, come out!”? My opinion is NO.

If you read the bible, you’ll see the progression clearly that immediately after he was deeply […]

Radio Interview — 600 WMT

What’s Happening with Doug Wagner AM 600 WMT – speaks with Mike Sanicola, Big Data ‘at’ Church, Calculating the Will of God — New e-book, The Theosphere, Big Brother vs. Big Brotherhood, Collective global wisdom. Are you ready?

The difference between “Big Brother & Big Brotherhood”

Regarding the TheoSphere

Does it not sound like Big Brother? Perhaps, but is it? The answer is NO. A more accurate description would be ‘BIG BROTHERHOOD’ and there is one major difference between the two: numbers. The first deals with an invasive, controlling government that monitors all we […]

IBM’s Watson Super Computer and the Theosphere

The science of big data is based on attraction. Technologically speaking, data finds data through mathematical algorithms in lightning speed. For example: IBM’s “Watson” super computer scans 200 million Wikipedia document pages in three (3) seconds, searching for the best possible solution to a question among other text resources. The focus […]

Introducing the Theosphere


The TheoSphere is the natural exchange and integration of spiritual thought in response to a message or lesson by its listeners.


Big Data is the next major technology shift and will greatly impact your day-to-day life. The most important aspect […]