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The difference between “Big Brother & Big Brotherhood”

Regarding the TheoSphere

Does it not sound like Big Brother? Perhaps, but is it? The answer is NO. A more accurate description would be ‘BIG BROTHERHOOD’ and there is one major difference between the two: numbers. The first deals with an invasive, controlling government that monitors all we […]

IBM’s Watson Super Computer and the Theosphere

The science of big data is based on attraction. Technologically speaking, data finds data through mathematical algorithms in lightning speed. For example: IBM’s “Watson” super computer scans 200 million Wikipedia document pages in three (3) seconds, searching for the best possible solution to a question among other text resources. The focus […]

Introducing the Theosphere


The TheoSphere is the natural exchange and integration of spiritual thought in response to a message or lesson by its listeners.


Big Data is the next major technology shift and will greatly impact your day-to-day life. The most important aspect […]