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Myth #3 God is IN Control

Victoria Osteen was accurate in her comments regarding God wanting you to be happy and feel good. See Victoria Osteen criticism on the Blaze, Glenn Beck

Starting with the basics. Learning and understanding the article below is a good first step in understand why all the fuss. More later…

Myth #3 God is IN Control

‘Sounds like blasphemy, does it not? The point is simple. At the beginning, God breathed life into the nostrils of man, whom he formed from the mud – including stardust – creating life! Our physical form is derived from this energy and held together within this field, including all that is invisible.


Pinocchio the Puppet


Are we predestined and programmed to become someone who we would not have chosen to be? Only if you perceive life that way, and create those rules. God did not set a static purpose or fix a permanent stamp and mold regarding our destiny. Permanence means unchangeable, but the only thing that is unchangeable is the power to change. I thought that I was still under construction, but in reality I’m doing the constructing, because my God and creator gave me the authority to do so. I am no longer under construction, but a creator at work. God gave me the free will and control to choose. So in reality, the logos in me (God’s Spirit), is in control. The creative power of I AM in you is real; a ‘god’ who must grant you permission to choose your destiny just makes no sense. If this doesn’t make sense (or add up), then keep calculating. We can create and choose our purpose, within the will of God (logos), in order to fulfill our DNA destiny. God handed the ‘control’ over to us at the beginning- in love.’ [from “Big Data @ Church – Calculating the Will of God” – Chapter 4]


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