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I AM Love – The Secret Logos

The Secret Logos

Compassion Color

Love I AM, that…I AM–I birth life because I can

Love connects the heavens, every starry host –gave each its measure, column and post

From breath above to earth below –bonded together, they came a glow

She fashioned the earth and gave it life –Created man and formed a wife

A system was set based on choice –Good and evil…each with a voice

Some wanted more–It led to war–it led to chaos, rich and poor

Love’s heart was grieved and she felt pain–‘Let’s start over,’ she cried, so it started to rain

It went well for a while, but not for long, love lacked –so much went wrong

Mistakes were made — light for dark, dark for light–

man’s ideas created a plight –Love is light, but fear forged a fight

Now creation was desperately lost –Now love would count the ultimate cost

Enter the Prince— poised as a pauper –A carpenter’s child — living in exile

Exile is what we were told –but near the Nile was a secret code–A mystery kept hidden, soon to be told

Within the Price was a powerful voice–A message of love that all could rejoice

When the demons caught wind, they shook their heads –gnashed their teeth –wanting him dead

The Prince was wise and gave his blood –His soul cried out– a mighty flood

He shook the earth, denied the grave –within a flash, rose to fame

I AM the way, the truth and life–Trust in me and be the light.

I in Him, you in me, may we be brought to complete unity.

From Alpha to Omega I AM–Life is eternal and death banned

The Logos inside is the voice that can–I AM love– in everything I AM.


Michael J Sanicola © May 2014 [reprint from: Big Data @ Church -Calculating the Will of God]


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