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Church – Evolve OR Dissolve

TITLE:  “Church- Evolve or Dissolve”

REPORT: “Of the 250,000 Protestant churches in America, 200,000 are either stagnant (with no growth) or declining. That is 80% of the churches in America and maybe the one you attend, if you attend at all.

4,000 churches close their doors every single year.

There is less than half of the number of churches today than there were only 100 years ago.

3,500 people leave the church every single day.

Since 1950, there are 1/3rd fewer churches in the U.S.”

[Christian Crier “Why Are we losing so many churches in the United States”]

Want to save your fellowship? Time to adapt.

The advent of a global Theospheric Neurological Network is evolving through the understanding, development and application of ministry metrics. Ministry metrics is the science and process of discovering true or accurate value(s) within a spiritual community in order to solve optimization gaps utilizing big data technology. This technology can be compared to the invention of the printing press as far as impact goes. Truth be told, applying big data technology within a spiritual context changes the depth of relationships never quantified before and it will happen quicker than most people think.

Observations made from bugs, birds, and botany, teach us how big data technology works at a core level and how nature is the boss. Baseball, business and the medical industry have their applications in utilizing collaborative technology as well. Now, big data @ church technology can teach spiritual leaders how to become expert church builders.

FACT: Big data new physics teaches us that, over time, there is a tipping point when speed of structured information and level of accuracy increases exponentially while less computational energy is needed. The pieces fall into place faster with the more data you have. As a result, less effort [computational energy] and time is needed to experience results and manage growth. I LEARNED this from Jeff Jonas of IBM, Chief Computer Scientist.

In ministry, this means that the flocks’ needs are being addressed and the ministry staff is not experiencing burn out or bottle neck communications. The responsibility and daily operations of ministry functions harmoniously as circumstances change with less risk in ‘judgment’ errors. Less ‘judgment errors’ means people DON’T WALK AWAY and your fellowship stays alive. Learn more about Big Data @ Church, Calculating the Will of God in my FREE power point download.

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