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Cognitive Computing and the Church…What is Truth?

Cognitive computing will forever change the church by responding instantly to the question: What is truth? In a world fragmented by religious dogma and politics, a fresh look at the ‘truth’ will perhaps set us free, yes? If you have not taken the time to read “Big Data @ Church – Calculating the Will […]

Why nearly 1.3 million walk away every year

Todays discussion…Why nearly 1.3 million walk away every year

.How to stop the BLEEDING.

The Power Point Presentation the show is based on (great graphics!):

PPt How TheoSphere Works (4.0 MiB, 758 downloads)

At what ‘Point’ was Lazarus given breath to rise from the dead?

Scripture reference John 11: 1-44


At what ‘moment’ was Lazarus given the spirit of life in order to rise from death?

Was it when Jesus said in a load voice, “Lazarus, come out!”? My opinion is NO.

If you read the bible, you’ll see the progression clearly that immediately after he was deeply […]

Mike Sanicola