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I AM Love – The Secret Logos

The Secret Logos

Love I AM, that…I AM–I birth life because I can

Love connects the heavens, every starry host –gave each its measure, column and post

From breath above to earth below –bonded together, they came a glow

She fashioned the earth and gave it life –Created man and formed a wife

A […]

Myth #1 Sheep are Dumb – ARE SHEEP STUPID?

Myth #1 Sheep are Dumb – ARE SHEEP STUPID?

‘Although I do not want to over-personify sheep, I found an interesting study about their characteristics. In an article by Susan Schoenian, regarding sheep behavior, she writes:

“Over the years, sheep have acquired a reputation for being stupid. This is because of their strong flocking and […]

Myth #3 God is IN Control


Victoria Osteen was accurate in her comments regarding God wanting you to be happy and feel good. See Victoria Osteen criticism on the Blaze, Glenn Beck

Starting with the basics. Learning and understanding the article below is a good first step in understand why all the fuss. More later…

Myth #3 God is IN Control


Cancer 5 Years Later: A Parents Journey

In September 2009, Mike was holding a chemo bag.

“Cancer”, a long silence and whimpering, “Michael has tumors all over.”

The day was 09-09-09. Our family was residing in North Carolina, but I was working in Colorado, when I got the infamous call. I was fifteen hundred (1,500) miles away from my son and […]

IBM’s Watson Super Computer and the Theosphere

The science of big data is based on attraction. Technologically speaking, data finds data through mathematical algorithms in lightning speed. For example: IBM’s “Watson” super computer scans 200 million Wikipedia document pages in three (3) seconds, searching for the best possible solution to a question among other text resources. The focus […]

Introducing the Theosphere


The TheoSphere is the natural exchange and integration of spiritual thought in response to a message or lesson by its listeners.


Big Data is the next major technology shift and will greatly impact your day-to-day life. The most important aspect […]