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At what ‘Point’ was Lazarus given breath to rise from the dead?

Scripture reference John 11: 1-44


At what ‘moment’ was Lazarus given the spirit of life in order to rise from death?

Was it when Jesus said in a load voice, “Lazarus, come out!”? My opinion is NO.

If you read the bible, you’ll see the progression clearly that immediately after he was deeply moved in spirit, he said, “Take away the stone.” Why is this relevant today?

Science is pointing to the fact that the feeling and vibration of prayer delivers the transformation. Literally, the point where words do not exist, pure passion determines the ‘miraculous’ outcome. Author and scientist Gregg Braden lectures about this and has studied for years spreading the word that divinity and science are not separate and that our emotions are the driving force of healing prayer.

Another interesting observation is that the healing or transformations must be rooted in love and compassion or the frequency will not accomplish the stated goal. All of this regardless of one’s culture or even religious indoctrination. How liberating! The scope of healers ranges in frequency [literally], as in the case of Jesus who possessed the ‘spirit’ without limit, being the son of God.

For more on this subject, read “Big Data @ Church – Calculating the Will of God” [e-book]

Be healed today! Grace and Peace to you!

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